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Onsite Corporate Childcare

 We are on a mission to offer safe, engaging, and fun holiday camps in corporate office environments. We aim to support a seamless blend between professional and family lives. This service is designed for children ages 4 to 8 and features a mix of activities that'll spark their creativity, feed their curiosity, and keep those smiles beaming. 


On-site childcare isn’t just great for convenience, it’s proven to boost employee retention and encourage parents to swing by the office more often. It's a win-win for your members and your thriving community.

Some food for thought:


  • 75% of working parents consider access to onsite childcare a deal-breaker when choosing an employer.

  • Companies with onsite childcare see a whopping 30% lower turnover rate among employees with kids.

  • 67% of parents with workplace childcare access report higher job satisfaction and productivity

    Contact us today to build a camp that works to your needs and employee wellbeing.

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